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UROK Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non profit organization using music + art to change the way we look at mental health awareness.

Founded by Marvin Jarrett, founder and former chief-in-commander of NYLON magazine, UROK is a non-profit mental health initiative that has partnered with musicians and artists worldwide to create music and live concerts in an effort to spark a dialogue on mental health. Through the shared experience of music and art, we can help eliminate the stigma and isolation surrounding mental illness. 

Our mission is to:

  • Destigmatize mental health conditions around the world
  • Adjust people’s overall attitudes towards mental health
  • Mental health education 
  • Financially support and contribute to other mental health organizations and initiatives 

Engaging the entire music industry behind the cause, UROK Foundation aims to host live concerts and events in cities around the world—from London to Los Angeles—creating awareness for mental health, while making great music at the same time. Although UROK is a teen and young adult targeted movement, we believe that music + art is a universal healer and a bridge for people of all ages to join this discussion. 


urok home page.jpg

Who We Are


Marvin Scott Jarrett - Founder and Producer

Andy Leuchter, MD - Head of Psychiatry at UCLA

Mark Tramo, MD, PhD - Department of Neurology and Musicology at UCLA

Michael Wallace - Financial Director- UBD Private Wealth Management 

DA Wallach - Recording artist, songwriter, and investor.

John Debney - Emmy winning and Oscar nominated Composer




by Sirah, Visitor & O'neill Hudson